We develop market-leading technology solutions for the Australian Wine Industry.


We combine our wine and technology expertise to deliver new, powerful sales, marketing and customer service solutions.

 Our suite of products and services include:

  • A customised range of virtual assistants
  • Voice and conversation enabled mobile apps, webchat, websites and kiosks (multilingual)
  • Voice strategy development
  • Conversation copywriting and design
  • Consumer insights reports

Why Junovate?


Junovate’s suite of solutions leverages the latest technologies (including conversational artificial intelligence AI – ML, AR, VR, MR, XR, IOT, blockchain and other acronyms) to enable you to revolutionise the way you engage, communicate and sell wine to your customers.

We’ve built a unique conversational AI platform and consumer insights engine trained in wine (and food) that powers our range of virtual assistants.

Find a solution that’s right for your business

We give wine drinkers a voice; now you can listen to what they have to say.

Wine Retailers

Promote your wines and specials to your customers whether they’re instore or on the go.

  • Virtual wine sales assistant
  • Virtual customer service assistant
  • AI voice enabled website

Wineries & Cellar Doors

Increase brand loyalty and drive cellar door sales.

  • Virtual wine assistant
  • Virtual customer service and booking assistant
  • AI voice enabled website


Customise your wine list to your menu.

  • Virtual wine sommelier
  • Virtual customer service and bookings assistant
  • AI voice enabled website

Regional Wine & Tourism Organisations

Tours just got personal!

  • Virtual wine region tour guide
  • AI voice enabled website

Wine Event Organisers

Makes it easier for customers to know where they want to go.

  • Virtual event tour guide
  • AI voice enabled website

Wine Storage

Help your customers find their wines.

  • Virtual wine cellar assistant
  • Virtual customer service assistant
  • AI voice enabled website

Your competitive edge


Delight your customers with a better, more personalised customer experience


Boost your sales


Gain valuable information from your customer’s interactions


Increase ongoing customer engagement and loyalty


Utilise your customer insights to enable better and faster business decisions


Make your business stand out from your competitors

How it works


The Junovate team works with you to map every step of your customer’s journey from start to finish and then develops a solution customised for your business.


After loading up your wine information, we then test and ‘go live’ with your virtual assistant. It can be activated on customer’s devices and/or on instore units across multiple platforms.



Leveraging cognitive AI technology our assistant learns more every time it is spoken to. It understands the intent of your phases and questions, then interprets what your customer wants and recommends the best wine or selection for them.


Get valuable insights straight from your customers. What were they looking for? Did they find what they wanted? You’ll get more information about them than you’ve ever had before. We will help you interpret it to provide actionable insights for your business.