Talking to Juno is easy

1. What you need

You’ll need a Google Home device, or the Google Assistant on your compatible Android or iOS device (e.g. iphone/ipad) and an internet connection.

2. Say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100.”

Make sure the Google Assistant is setup on your device (see our FAQ’s for more information).

Simply say, “Okay Google, Talk to James Halliday Top 100” on Google Home.

If you’re using the Assistant app on your phone or tablet, type or say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100.”

3. Ask Juno your questions about the Top 100

Start asking questions or for wine recommendations based on the information from the Top 100 including price, varietal, points, state or wine region. We have a few ideas for you here. When you’re finished, just say “Bye” or “Exit“.

Available on

Juno makes it easy to explore James’ Top 100.


Juno, James’ virtual wine assistant, has been trained to answer your questions about the Top 100 wines by price, points, varietal, state and region. Sorry she doesn’t include food pairing matches!

She’ll even read out James’ tasting note.


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Questions you can ask Juno:


What's the best red wine under $20?


Do you have a chardonnay from Margaret River?


What's the top-rated Barossa Shiraz under $35?


Is there a good sparkling from Tasmania under $50?


Can you recommend a good Riesling?

50 more questions you can ask Juno

Customer testimonials

So easy to use and a Top 100 for everyone. I am 21 and discovered the Cherubino Folklore Classic white Sauv blanc for $13 bucks. What a find for a young bloke just learning about wine.


Such a simple easy way to find out the best wine to buy wine without having to read through endless reviews.


Juno will definitely be my favourite companion on my weekly visit to Dan Murphy’s. We celebrate life with food & wine, Juno has given wine a voice so we celebrate the best!


No more standing in front of countless bottles of wine trying to decide what to buy!


I love my red wine and there are so many products on the market, that being able to get a great recommendation within my budget is fabulous, no one should ever have to drink bad wine!


Juno is easy to use and provides great information on a range of wines. Get on it if you want to learn more about wine.


James Halliday talks to Juno

Talk to Juno now

Juno can be accessed for free on your smartphone using the Google Assistant app. Install the app and say “Talk to James Halliday Top 100”.

Juno is available on any Google Home device. No need to install anything! Just say “Ok Google, Talk to James Halliday Top 100” to get started.

Accessing Juno

To get started, you’ll need to have the Google Assistant working on your phone or smart device.

Download the Google Assistant from the app store now.


How do I download the Google Assistant?

1. Go to App Store/PlayStore and search for “Google Assistant” (not to be confused with Google Home).
2. The App icon looks like –  

3. Click to INSTALL and download the Google Assistant onto your device (wait until it has downloaded and says OPEN).

How do I open the Google Assistant?

1. Click OPEN and either select your gmail account or “add account” to get a gmail
account (sorry Apple / or IOS users, if you don’t have one you’ve got to get one, create an account and it must be in the following format ending with gmail, eg.

2. Click through the Google Partners page via the CONTINUE button.

3. Then accept the “Allow” prompts (like send you notifications notified by email, access to your microphone, etc). The Assistant will talk to you to “help you through your day and get you started”.

Having trouble talking to Juno?

can’t seem to access Juno, it keeps going to a Google search page? 

Juno may have trouble understanding your pronunciation/ voice the first couple of times. Please make sure you speak slowly first up, it must come up on the screen saying “Talk to James Halliday Top 100”. If you keep having trouble you can also click on the keyboard and type in “Talk to James Halliday Top 100” instead. If needed please don’t hesitate to ring us on the customer support line – 1300 019 431.

How do I know I’m talking to Juno?

When you’re talking to Juno you’re able to have a conversation. If you hear “Here’s a result from the web” or see the icon , you’re not accessing Juno or she has exited the conversation. Just repeat “Talk to James Halliday Top 100” and you’ll be asked to verify your age again. Then you know you’re in.

What data is collected by Junovate and Google?

When you access James Halliday’s Top 100 Virtual Assistant, Juno, you are also using Google Assistant.

The Google Privacy Policy describes how Google uses and collects data, you may also want to view; Choose what to share with your Google Assistant.

Junovate does not collect personal information that allows someone to identify or contact you.

Junovate may collect some information automatically, including the type of mobile device you use, your mobile operating system and the type of mobile Internet browsers you use. This data will not be shared with any third parties. 

More about using Juno?

Do I have to verify my age every time I talk to Juno? 

Yes, sorry, you must verify your age each time.

Can I pause or replay a question or answer?

Sorry you can’t pause or replay a response; however, you can just ask your question again if needed.

 How do I stop/ shortcut an answer?

Whenever you want to stop or shortcut an answer, please tap on the microphone/talk icon.  

This will enable you to ask your next question.

 How do I know I’m talking to Juno?

Juno doesn’t display search results. When you’re talking to Juno you’re having a conversation. If you hear “Here’s a result from the web” or see the icon , you’ve exited the virtual assistant and need to repeat the command “Talk to James Halliday Top 100”.

Quick tips about the Top 100 content?

Does the Top 100 include food pairing information?

Sorry, James Halliday’s Top 100 doesn’t include any food pairing matches.


Does Juno have any information on where to buy wines in the Top 100?

No, to buy wines from the Top 100, we encourage you to buy direct from the winery.  


Does Juno offer cellaring advice?

The Top 100 includes a drink to date in its information, which advises when a wine can be cellared too. At the moment, you can’t ask Juno to find a wine by the cellaring date.

How can I submit feedback?

To provide feedback to Junovate, please contact us or email us directly

Where else can I access Juno?

We’re constantly developing new ways we can integrate Juno onto different platforms, keep checking back to see where we are launching Juno on next!