The annual 2019 James Halliday Top 100 in The Weekend Australian features the introduction of Juno, the new voice-powered virtual wine assistant.

Juno works by navigating consumers through James’ Top 100 wines and presenting his reviews on their mobile and Google Home devices.

The app can be accessed by downloading the Google Assistant on a smart phone or Google Home speaker.

Junovate, creator of Juno, specialises in developing market-leading technology solutions for the wine industry.

The company has built a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform and consumer insights engine trained in wine (drinks and food).

The AI is the first of its kind. Juno will give information about wine, price, points, wineries, wine regions, and varietals from James’ 2019 Top 100.

It is informative, easy to access, and free.

James Halliday said, “When I was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2010 I expressed hope that I would be able to continue to support the Australian wine industry for some time to come […] I am delighted to be involved with the development and introduction of Juno”.

“The advent of the computer age seemed magical – the whole universe of information available ‘at the touch of a button’,” he said.

“I must confess that the universe has not been troubled by any of my keyboard attempts to master it. The ability to explore and retrieve information (especially about wine) via a voice-powered AI assistant has moved us all into a more competent and interesting future.”

Junovate is a global leader in advanced technology solutions for the wine industry. Their solutions and services include virtual assistants, AI voice-enabled websites and business advisory service enabling wineries, retailers, restaurants, regional wine tourism organisations and wine event specialists to market their wines and promotional opportunities to consumers directly on their devices.

For more information on how to access Juno on your phone or smart device, please go to or simply download the Google Assistant app on your phone and then say “Talk to James Halliday’s Top Wines”.

By Sam Squire | The Daily Wine News, Winetitles Media